Graduated Year Name Graduated Papper Website
102 Chiaw-Wei Chang Single Image Defogging by Multi-level Depth Inference and Airlight Estimation -
101 Jen-Shiuan Kao Hardware Implementation of Real-time Robust Background Subtraction -
101 Ke-yu Cheng Real-time Camera Anomaly Detection Using Salient Region for Real-World Video Surveillance Link
100 Shao-Ang Chen The Design and Implementation of A Real-time Wearable Vision System Link
100 Wen-Bin Huang Implementation and Analysis of A Parallel Retinex Algorithm Link
100 Nian-Tzu Gau A Model-Based Particle Filter for 3D Head Pose Estimation Link
100 Yao-Ching Huang Summarization of Multi-view Surveillance Videos by an Object-Based Key Frame Extraction Method Link
98 Cai-Ren Huang The Study of Dimension Reduction Methods for Image Super-resolution -
98 Kuang-You Cheng A Novel Human Pose Estimation Method with Bayesian Network -
98 Deng-Sheng Chen The Study of Color Constancy for Skin Color Detection -
98 Li-Ya Wang An Online Object-Based Key Frame Extraction Method for the Abstraction of Surveillance Videos -
97 Wei-Ren Chen Facial Feature Extraction by Manifold Learning of Appearance Models Link
96 Bo-Da Lin A Spatio-Temporal Approach for Video Text Detection and Tracking in Complex Background Link
96 Chun-Hao Huang Facial Expression Recognition with Discriminative Common Vector Link
95 Cyun-Fang Hsu Facial Expression Recognition Using Continuous Markov Model Link
94 Chia-Hsiang Su A Bayesian Approach for Moving Object Detection in Color Videos -
95 Chao-Chun Yu Head Gesture Recognition Using Hidden Markov Model Link
94 Pin-Hua Chen Shot Change Detection Using Spatio-Temporal Wavelet Transform Link
93 Shao-Hua Chen 2+1D Wavelet-based Motion Detection for Video Object Extraction Link
93 Jian-Ming Chen A Classification Approach for Video Text Detection Link
93 Yu-Sheng Lin Classification and Tracking of Vehicles and Pedestrians in Video -
92 Chih-Yao Chang The Study of Semantic Analysis in Video Using Hidden Markov Model -
93 Cheng-Wei Huang An Automated Segmentation Approach for DNA Microarray Image Link
93 Yu-Chih Lin Content-based Image Classification Using Neural Network Ensemble Link
92 Wei-Chou Shih Event Detection for Content-based Multimedia Retrieval -
90 Ying-Hao Lin The Research of Location-dependent Service -
88 Sen-Jye Horng A Study on the XML-based Document Structure Analysis using Neural Network -
85 Tao-Yuan Chang Automatic Conversion of Technical Manuals in CALS Strategy -
Graduated Year Name Graduated Papper Website
96 Yung-Hsiang Hu Intelligent Video Analysis for Visual Surveillance over Mobile Networks Link
96 Pei-Ken Wen Defect Detection of PCB Assembly with Statistics Method Link
96 Chin-Fa Wang The Application of Face Detection to Auto Focusing of Digital Still Camera Link
97 Hung-Yu Chen Hardware Implementation of Real-time Moving Object Detection with FPGA Link
94 Li-Wei Liao Gaussian Mixture Modeling for Location Positioning in Wireless LAN Link
95 Yi-Neng Ding Context Aware Learning by Diagnosing Student's Cognitive States wuth the Student-Problem Analysis - A Case Study on Introductory Computer Science Course -
94 Tzu-Wen Yang The Application of Ant Agents to the Retrieval of Distributed Learning Resources -
94 An-Ping Chiang Context Aware Mobile Learning with Finite State Machines -
93 Ching Hsin Dai The Vibration Study of Storage Media in Vehicle Navigation System -
93 Jr-Ming Jan Vehicle License Plate Localization Using Frequency Filter -