Single Image Defogging by Multi-level Depth Inference and Airlight Estimation Real-Time Camera Anomaly Detection Using Salient Region
for Real-World Video Surveillance
  A Model-Based Particle Filter for 3D Head Pose Estimation Implementation and Analysis of A Parallel Retinex Algorithm
  The Design and Implementation of A Real-time Wearable Vision System Video Surveillance Cloud
  Event Detection for Video Surveillance-1 Event Detection for Video Surveillance-2
  Fall Detection for Home Health Care Color Tracking by Robot
  Color Estimation by Robot
Four Fundamental Operations of Arithmetic Programming by

  AIBO辨識主人程式設計 Intelligent Video Sur
  使用IP Camera之智慧型走廊安全監控 Facial Detection
  可抗閃爍光源之移動物偵測方法 Human Robot Interaction
  動作擷取於雙足機器人動作設計之應用 具視覺分析之智慧型電子寵物
  智慧型視訊分析於行動網路視覺監控之實作 The Study of Robcup Kicking Ball with AIBO