Single Image Defogging by Multi-level Depth Inference and Airlight Estimation Real-Time Camera Anomaly Detection Using Salient Region
for Real-World Video Surveillance
  A Model-Based Particle Filter for 3D Head Pose Estimation Implementation and Analysis of A Parallel Retinex Algorithm
  The Design and Implementation of A Real-time Wearable Vision System Video Surveillance Cloud
  Event Detection for Video Surveillance-1 Event Detection for Video Surveillance-2
  Fall Detection for Home Health Care 機器人顏色追蹤
  機器人顏色判斷 AIBO做四則運算程式設計
  AIBO辨識主人程式設計 智慧型視訊監控
  使用IP Camera之智慧型走廊安全監控 人臉表情辨識
  可抗閃爍光源之移動物偵測方法 Human Robot Interaction
  動作擷取於雙足機器人動作設計之應用 具視覺分析之智慧型電子寵物
  智慧型視訊分析於行動網路視覺監控之實作 The Study of Robcup Kicking Ball with AIBO